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Zeke Wilson in the News

Zeke Wilson has had many TV and news appearances, including New York Post, Boston Globe, Beaufort Gazette, Showtime, Channel 69 with Rich Lerner and In This Corner with Mike Mittman, and Belfast Telegraph UK.

His most recent appearance was on WTOC in Savannah, GA. Wilson was interviewed about his boxing career and the events that led up to the court case Wilson v. McClure, which set the precedent for same-race discrimination cases. Here's a snippet from the interview:

“So, my biggest fight. My biggest fight in life was outside the ring. I’m a fighter – I’ve done a lot of boxing in the right. I’ve had 150 amateur fights before I even turned pro. I lost three. But the biggest fight that I ever had took place outside the ring. It took place in the Federal Court. And that was the biggest fight. I’ve never had a fight that big – never.”

Watch the interview and read the full article at:

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