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Every day the rights of MILLIONS of common men and women are violated. Most people take this treatment because they feel they don’t have the MONEY, EDUCATION, or KNOWLEDGE to do anything about it.

The fact is, anyone can stand up and fight for their rights, and Zeke Wilson can show them how ---because like most people, he had no money, education or knowledge, either.


When faced with the extraordinary challenge to defend his own rights, Zeke took his stand, and armed only with unquenchable willpower and unwavering persistence, collected the necessary knowledge and waged a successful battle against the erosion of personal civil liberties. His case set federal precedent. Now, he will use his experience to teach your audience to do the same.

Zeke’s message is simple.

He encourages people to “Stop taking it. Start taking your rights back.”

In an empowering manner, he will speak directly with your audience to help them bolster their courage to do the same for themselves. Audience response is generally emotional, usually positive, sometimes controversial, and always both informative and entertaining.

He will explain:
The rules of equal treatment that people in positions of power don’t want you to know.
How to determine if your rights are being violated.
How to convince a lawyer to argue your case---even if you can’t afford one.
Why it is important to be personally involved in the complaint process.

Zeke Wilson has hands-on experience dealing with issues of disparity. He appeared in McCormick Federal Court and pleaded his own precedent-setting case as a pro se Plaintiff. He has appeared on both radio and television, including Showtime, Channel 69 with Rich Lerner and In This Corner with Mike Mittman; numerous radio interviews including Champions Sports Show with Eddie Jeffries, and various print media including Leatherneck Magazine, New York Post, Boston Globe, Beaufort Gazette, Allentown Morning Call, Free Press, Wellsboro Gazette, Daily Register, Lawyer’s Weekly and others. He has authored a book entitled “The Eighth Round” which chronicles his fight. 


Other Appearances: 

Belfast Telegraph UK, Wellsville Daily Reporter, Impartial Reporter, WENY-TV NEWS, The Bluffton Sun, Tivyside Advertiser UK, WHHI-TV NEWS, The Ulster Herald UK, The Fermanagh Herald UK, Cambrian- News UK, BBC-Northern Ireland UK, Gullah Geechee TV, The Logan Power Show, WTOC.

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     Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 of the United States, it is illegal to discriminate against a person or persons because of the color of their skin, their national origin, or racial composition.

     One form of racism is same-race discrimination, wherein the perpetrator and the object of the discrimination are of the same racial group.

     It is of interest to note that the first case in the US to reach a Federal court jury to challenge the concept of same-race discrimination did not occur until September 2000, when a case was brought by race-black licensed boxing promoter Zeke Wilson against a state sports commission headed by a race-black chairman for damage reparations and punitive redress after his right to conduct professional boxing events was violated.





Free Excerpt from The Eighth Round Book: 


This story occurred at the turn of a new century, the year 2000. I felt compelled to tell my story with the hope and intent that it will inspire and empower people to recognize injustice and oppression in their everyday lives, give them the resolve to weed it out and pull it up by its roots.

I believe in the American justice system. The legislative and judicial branches of our government are designed in such a way that they are living, growing things. Like children, they are not perfect, but are growing and forming every day. Should we want justice, it is our duty to help shape it by demonstrating no tolerance for injustice. If we want equality under the law, we have a duty to be actively involved in shaping the laws that effect our lives.

Most importantly, we need to guard against apathy. Granted, it is always easier to accept the status quo than to change it, but ease should not be our primary resolve.

If we want future generations to enjoy true freedom and equality, we must fight now to wipe out injustice at every level.We cannot resort to violent means. We cannot resort to fostering hatred. We cannot teach our children either to accept the injustice or to hate its perpetrators, but to take a positive and active stance in ensuring that the future of the American people is one characterized by equality of opportunity for every single person who calls himself or herself American---regardless of color, race, ancestry, belief, or lifestyle preference.

It is my fervent desire to encourage every person to replace excuses with action. If you lack education, know and accept that you have the capacity to educate yourself. Make informed decisions. Ask questions. Use reason. Become self-educated, and you will possess knowledge and understanding that are truly your own.

If you lack money, re-prioritize. I speak from experience, having existed at various levels of the American dream. Accept that I fought this battle without the funds that everyone told me were necessary. I found truth in the principle outlined by our first Statesmen---that Justice in America must be available to all, or it is useful to none. Where money is scarce, education overcomes. Gone are the days when only the rich could afford justice. Our court system is available to all, with the prerequisite only that you are willing to learn the rules of court and the laws. If I did it, so can you.

Finally, don’t give in to self-pity. People will only disempower you if you let them. Know that our founding fathers had a clear vision. Having come from a system of unequal access to the courts, they built steps to ensure we would not suffer the same future. Where those steps have become cracked, it is our duty to patched and rebuild them to serve their original purpose.

These duties are not ones that we can afford to ignore, unless we want future generations to live in a world without justice. So when you fight, fight for them. Build solid the steps of freedom and equality, and you will leave a legacy that will restore the title of “American” to its rightful place.
--Zeke Wilson 2009      


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