Golden Glove Winning Boxer



Role Descriptions:

1. Young Zeke Wilson - a Black boy about 14-18 years old, about 190 pounds, 6 feet tall, short black hair, Dark skin

2. Mama - a Black woman about 35 years old, tall and thin, about 5 foot 8, Dark skin

3. Neicie - a Black girl, with short black hair, light skin, medium built, 17 years old

4. Frenisee - a Black girl, thin, with light skin and small black hair, 18 years old

5. Steve - a Black boy, small, with Dark skin and short hair, 16 years old

6. Nellie - a Black girl with Dark skin and short hair, medium built, 15 years old

7. Jerry - a Black boy, short and small built, with short hair and Dark skin, 13 years old

8. Connie - a white woman, about 30 years old, medium built

9. Flo - a light-skinned Black girl, about 6 years old

10. Charles Wyzanski - a white man, with small, gray hair, wearing a bow tie, about 55 years old

11. Harvey Schwartz - a white man, about 5 foot 11 and thin, in his late 40s

12. Adult Zeke Wilson - a Black man, about 38 years old, 6 foot 3, 270 pounds, athletic, with Dark skin

13. Derrick - a Black boy, about 13 years old, short and medium built, with Dark skin and short black hair

14. Ralph - a white boy about 15 years old, big built and athletic, with a marines haircut

15. William Pender - a white man, about 60 years old, medium built, with short graying hair

16. Rebecca - a Black woman, about 22 years old, medium built, with Dark skin

17. McClure - a Black man, about 5 foot 9 and slim, in his early 50s, with short black hair, and a flair for fashion

18. Cliff - a white man, about 40 years old, with short brown hair, in good shape

19. Mitchell Kramer - a white man, in his early 60s, medium height, slightly heavy